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Kcomdata is a database providing comprehensive, up-to-date profiles of 30,000,000 private companies in 384 different industries. Each company profile contains a company description, verified contact details, detailed financial information, credit intelligence, and more. Kcomdata was created by CCM, a leading market intelligence and consulting solutions firm that provides many of the world’s leading brands with in-depth analysis of the Chinese market.After fifteen years of research,   our team of in-house analysts has collected data on over 30,000,000 companies. Now, after thorough verification and sorting of our existing data, we have created Kcomdata, a fully-searchable database containing reliable, up-to-date information on 30,000,000 private companies. This includes companies in every major industry, from agriculture and chemicals, through life science, finance, energy, and much more. We are also able to provide comprehensive reports on a target company on request.

Kcomdata database infrastructure


With our database of over 30,000,000 private companies as of 2015, Kcomdata offers clients fast and easy access to a comprehensive company and industry directory, as well as in-depth reports on specific companies. Kcomdata's accurate, comprehensive company profiles and powerful search technology can help you scan the market, build quality prospects lists, and find and screen investment opportunities more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Value to clients

Kcomdata will help you: Gather competitive intelligence on potential business partners, helping you conduct successful negotiations

Collect detailed information on current and potential competitors of your company to help you in your strategic planning

Find detailed intelligence on a target company's financial and credit situation, to support your decision making in any investments, mergers & acquisitions and other investment initiatives you undertake

Get a clear understanding of your company's actual situation in terms of profit, costs, and competitiveness, helping you maximize your competitive advantages in your related field

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