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Hope to popularize your corporate information in the industry?

Want to develop investment relationships but cant find a right platform?

Looking for a professional service provider to help achieve desirable promotional effect?

We can help you!

Our global media release platform provides more than 90 domestically and overseas well-known news media platforms such as Factiva, Bloomberg, S&P, Guangzhou Daily and Yangcheng Evening News for news release. Based on the most authoritative news media both at home and abroad and fully equipped with abundant information resources, the platform would a powerful tool to launch promotion, helping you to build up your brand image and improve your influence as well as sparking investment opportunities.


Domestic and overseas news media together help you go global.


This multimedia platform with integrated and diversified resources can fully cater to your need.


A highly trained team of translators provides you with professional translation services. Our company has a 15-year history of writing industrial publications in foreign language.

The project agreement

1.Please to provide our correct news manuscript written materials and pictures. Authorized our company submit news to each network platform.

2.Please to ensure that the content of propaganda of the original and it is not in violation of the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations. If do not conform to the laws or regulations, the content of the press release and performance situation, we can according to relevant laws and other relevant provisions in a timely manner to the use of party puts forward the opinions of the need to modify.

3.Text content provided by the user to ensure the knowledge of the third person shall not be infringed upon legal right, property right and personal.

4.If a force majeure , obligations of the parties in the agreement within the force majeure influence scope and duration to suspend to perform its obligations.

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